Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The stages of a breakup. This is the only article I've seen that didn't have links to astrology pages or something else that made me think they were making stuff up. My emotions these days have seen a high variance than usual and I'm tracking their progress to make sure I'm not heading toward any unusual emotional imbalance.

I did score well above average on the Neurotics Anonymous test of mental and emotional health. I'm not sure what that really means besides that the test says I'm okay. Is there an objective, quantifiable value to being emotionally healthy? I suppose if you measured how much people bitched in forums about random things, you would find that I complain less than most people. Sometimes I read forums and find posts where super fans of a game or movie franchise are foaming at the mouth about some piece of news. I think you can tell a person has issues by his energetic ranting in forums (or facebook) about, um, anything. Generally nobody reading those posts can do or will do anything about your complaints, and everybody knows that. You're just constantly venting your impotent frustration, and it's not a healthy sign... I guess it's sorta like this blog..

(from xkcd explained)
While attending a small birthday party for an acquaintance, the Author and four other white young-adults were in the early rounds of a game of Settlers of Catan. During a lull in the fast-paced excitement of the game, one of the four males playing the game jokingly suggested they instead play “strip Settlers of Catan,” in the hopes that he would possibly get to see the bra of the female player. During the awkward and strained laughter, it dawned on the Author that this concept was humorous.

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