Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My old officemate Josh is heading down to Buenos Aires for some reason. Lauren and Doug have been down there since January and my mom keeps saying that I should go visit them. I don't know though, something about Buenos Aires seems uninviting. It seems like going to an expensive Mexico, except the flight is 4 times as long and the food isn't as good. Whitney and I are tentatively planning on visiting Courtney in London and that sounds like a lot more fun. Heck, I already speak English! And the food and weather might not be great, but there's some kind of draw to actually mingling with British people in their natural habitats. See if it's really like Snatch and Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels portray it.

(after we played pool with two guys random from New Zealand)
Dave: I thought the tall blond one was annoying.
me: Oh, he was alright. It was pretty funny how right after he was telling us how the New Zeland women were ugly, his girl friend comes in and she actually is quite ugly.
Dave: Yeah. She was just not attractive at all!

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